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Brief introduction on Nationality Institution

¡¡¡¡Nationality Institution is a secondary college which was formed in June, 2010 by a combination of the Former Institution of Nationality Studies and Former College of humanities with History, Ethnonymics, and Tibetology as its majors, and which covers both research and teaching with research as its focus. It has an existing staff of 23; with 9 having high titles, taking up 39% of the total; 4 with Doctor¡¯s Degree; 3 proceeding with Doctor¡¯s Degree and with 74% of the total having Master¡¯s Degree. The college offers two majors- History, Ethnonymics for graduates and the other two majors- History of Particular Subjects, Ethnonymics for post-graduates. It has 277 enrolled students, 69 undergraduates and 208 postgraduates.
¡¡¡¡The college has undertaken 6 projects of the national social science fund and 14 of state or provincial research projects, and thus harvest a lot of important research findings with some of them winning provincial research awards. The college will focus on Tibetology, Ethnonymics, History and science of religion , and culture high-level talents; with a combination of majors in other colleges, it will strive to lead in the area of Tibetan studies, and form its own features in the country.