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ĦĦĦĦThe University now offers 37 undergraduate majors, namely, Chinese literature, English, philosophy, the international economy and trade, financial management, finance, statistics, accounting, business administration, human resources management, administration, public administration, labor and social security, archival science, Chinese literature for teachers, history for teachers, ethnology, PE, social sports, journalism, advertising, e-information science and technology, computer science and technology, information management and information systems, communications engineering, clinical medicine, nursing, philosophy, law, social work, ideological and political education for teachers, pedagogy, educational technology, applied psychology, broadcasting and hosting art, radio and TV news, Japanese, industrial engineering, tourism management. The subjects cover 10 disciplines, literature, history, philosophy, economy, management, law, science, medicine, engineering, pedagogy included.
ĦĦĦĦXizang Minzu University is possessed of the right to award a MasterĦŻs degree of 6 majors of second class, while it has no right to offer doctoral majors. Among the present majors, 5 are key subjects of the Autonomous Region, namely, Ethnology, the economy of ethnic minorities of China, specialized history, Chinese philosophy, bio-chemistry and molecular biology respectively; 18 are collegial key subjects, which spread into 10 disciplines: philosophy, economy, law, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, medical science, management, concerning philosophy, applied economy, law, politics, ethnology, pedagogy, PE, Chinese literature, news and propaganda, history, biology, computer science and technology, elementary medicine, science of medicine, business management, public management, 16 first-class subjects and others. At present, some fields have won quite good domestic reputation; some others hold the leading positions or remain unique in the region.
ĦĦĦĦAfter the 50-year development, Xizang Minzu University has preliminarily formed a distinct school system that is an undergraduate-education-based college in combination with arts, history, philosophy, law, finance, management, engineering, and medicine, pedagogy, featured in postgraduate education as its key disciplines. A well-structured teaching staff has been building in most fields on the basis of age, title and degree.
ĦĦĦĦWith the promotion of the level of the collegial scientific research and the growth of the talents at different ages, Xizang Minzu University achieves a significant breakthrough in postgraduate education. Since 2003, the University successively gained the right to confer master degrees of Chinese ancient literature, Chinese philosophy, ethnology, the economy of minor nationalities of China, literature and art, specialized history. This success puts an end to the fact that there has been no postgraduate education in the past 40 years. Presently, we are able to enroll new postgraduate students for 6 2-scale disciplines in 37 research orientations. Now, the number of the postgraduates is 291. The gain of the right of Masters` granting and the practice of postgraduate education greatly promote the grade and level of our college and lead the college to a healthy developing course.